After her last appearance in Japan being widely reviled as a disaster, Miku fans have hailed her latest appearance as being perfection itself.

Held in Sapporo, "MikuPa" (or "Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011?) seems to have been very well received by fans, although there are still a substantial number who refuse to forgive the organisers (5pb) for the debacle of their last live event.

mikupa-sapporo-002 mikupa-sapporo-003 item_toto

In fact, 5pb are fast developing an unenviable reputation as being opportunist exploiters of the Miku fandom - tickets for the event are 5390Yen, a 36 page event pamphlet costs 4000Yen, and a Mikupa totebag is a further 2,000Yen...


mikupa-sapporo-004 mikupa-sapporo-005

The event proper:

mikupa-sapporo-006 mikupa-sapporo-007 mikupa-sapporo-008 mikupa-sapporo-009 mikupa-sapporo-011 mikupa-sapporo-012 mikupa-sapporo-013 mikupa-sapporo-014

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