Harajuku fashion victim and former loli idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is being hailed as "the Japanese Gaga" thanks to the popularity of her latest music video.

The video, "PONPONPON":

  • The album itself is available now.
  • Rag Asahi is full of gushing praise for her, and seems pathetically eager about pushing her as the "Japanese Gaga":

  • On the 17th, model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (18) debuted with her mini-album "MoshiMoshi Harajuku."
  • With music produced by Perfume producer Yasutaka Nakata, the included song "PONPONPON" was given advance distribution in 23 countries overseas, garnering much attention in Europe and the US, grabbing the number 1 spot in the Finland iTunes store's electronic chart and the number 4 spot in both Belgium and Sweden.
  • The PV's YouTube distribution has seen it receive 1.5 million views, 40% of which are from the US. Overseas searches for "kawaii" and "harajuku" all bring up Kyari. Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst has even introduced her video to young people using Twitter, and there are many videos emulating her visual style.
  • [...]
  • Kyari herself has this to say about her international success: "I'm surprised by the international reaction, but as my objective is to spread Harajuku culture and music throughout the world I'm delighted. I envision a world tour!"
  • The day when this Harajuku 18-year-old is known as the "Japanese Lady Gaga" may not be far off.
  • kyary-pamyu-pamyu-002 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-003 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-004 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-005 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-006 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-007 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-008 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-010 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-011

    The 2ch reaction:

  • "Pon pon way way way!"
  • "This tune has been repeating in my head all day..."
  • "(^p^) Way! Way!"
  • "In truth I can't get it out of my head either..."
  • "(^p^) Pon pon way way way"
  • "Stop it, get it out of my head!"
  • "What's with these words which stick in your brain like this...!"
  • "You guys don't seem likely to have much to do with Harajuku."
  • "You could mistake it for Perfume and buy it by accident."
  • "Those Europeans have no taste either it seems."
  • "It's so tasteless I laughed."
  • "Her name alone is infuriating."
  • "The world wants this? I do not get it."
  • "You guys can't understand."
  • "I don't get it."
  • "I like this tune!"
  • "They are really pushing this, but it seems she is not getting flamed all the same."
  • "Please stop it with the 'Japanese Gaga' stuff, it's too embarrassing."
  • "Don't compare her to Gaga!"
  • "Her dancing and singing aren't there and the song is just a new Perfume tune."
  • "It's not this kid who's amazing, it's Nakata who's amazing."
  • "A black guy watching Kyary's PV:"
  • "If you guys are bashing it, it's sure to sell."
  • "When she was little, wasn't she doing Imouto Club or something?" [Imouto Club = loli idol site for creepy lolicon]
  • "This stuff? Ugly, wasn't she?"
  • kyary-pamyu-pamyu-012 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-013 kyary-pamyu-pamyu-014

  • "She looks like Hiroyuki." [Hiroyuki = notoriously good looking founder of 2ch]
  • "This is a cross-dressing Hiroyuki."
  • kyary-pamyu-pamyu-015

    Along with Lady Gaga's sensational fashions, now it seems audiences in Japan and overseas will no choice but to put up with Harajuku's warped fashion scene as well.

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