Disturbingly sexualised young girl RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 has opened a veritable Pandora's Box by including the ability to create custom textures for the heroines, leading to an immediate flood of textures featuring transparent clothing, carefully placed band-aids, and, of course, outright nudity...

The textures and so on:

neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-001 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-002 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-003 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-004 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-005 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-006 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-007 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-008 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-009 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-010 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-011 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-012

The small but dedicated fanbase the game enjoys (almost the entire game is based on material from a single games board on 2ch, and only this tiny group has any hope of getting the obscure references the game is packed with) seems very much intent on supporting the title:

neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-016 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-015 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-013 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-014 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-017 Jumbo_Cushion_02 neptunia-mk2-nude-filter-textures-019

A real nude filter for those feeling short-changed by blurry PS3 textures:


  • The game itself is available now
  • whether the near miracle of the first game reaching the west will be repeated is already the subject of some speculation, although it would surely be worth it just to hear the western game press whine about the even more sexist sequel.


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