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I am the founder and creator of OTAnime Magazine i do all the designs for OTAnime Magazine and website related.I am also an animator and do lots of collab works for nico nico users,such as Shiika Sadamasa,and Tarokko,i'm affiliated with alot of the NND animators and artists sometimes i help them or they help me with some animations one of the ways that i met Shiika Sadamasa who is currently working with me on the Vocaloid Anime Project.

VOCALOID ANIME PROJECT :Shiika and I started the Vocaloid anime project since May 2009 But i did not release any previews of it to the NA/EU public and kept it as a japanese project only.He didn't want to release the work to the western community yet back in 2009,but last year in 2011 i told him that i would start releasing some previews,trailers for the fan anime.He released the japanese versions of the teasers/trailers on his NND account while i released the english versions on my Youtube account.So my DA archive will contain some of his artworks in the future.

SHINKAI SUMMIT PV: The Shinkai Summit video it is true that it was released a few days earlier on NND and posted late on my youtube account because of the subbing time i did not want to release it in RAW for the english speaking community. As for the Sony Vegas/AviUtl i use AviUtl to add title/comments/copyright info to the AVI file,If not AviUtl is not a legit editing software and it would be impossible to make all the effects you saw in the video with it that's why i use Sony Vegas for all the editing.

YUMEROKETTSU PV:I'm not the creator of the full final PV that is posted on his NND or is it my NND acount the preview that you saw on my Youtube was just a small sample That i sent to Tarokko,I really admired what he was doing back in 2009 with the PV that he previewed on his NND but i guess you could say i wanted to help a bit with his work and the PV that he was working on for "Yumerocket" Guess he is one of the first to make a PV for this song that isn't so popular.So i messaged him on Twitter 1 day asking if i could give him some suggestions for the animation that starts in the beginning if you watched his 2009 preview he drew miku in a very robotic cyborg way and the animation just didn't fit so well with the music's beat,so i offered to reanimate the start of the PV as you saw in the preview that i posted on YT and send it to him. Just to see what he thought about it and if he wanted to use it as the start of his PV,and i guess if you watched his final version of the PV that was uploaded in 2010 he decided to use it ^^,accept for some parts that you can probably see in the preview that i uploaded on my Youtube. You might be also wondering why i uploaded it in 2011,I'm actually not to sure during that time Sep-Dec 2011 i had a job in Paris so i was really busy with work that i did not have any time to work on any animations or drawings!So i decided to just upload that sample that i sent Tarokko...Just so people wouldn't think i'm dead haha.

But anyways back the subject me and Tarokko comunicated with twitter mainly because i did not know his email all he had posted on his NND was his twitter so it was the only way to communicate with him. I was able to find our old conversation in my twitter inbox that took place is 2009/ 2010 i wasn't to sure how i could show you so i took the liberty to take some screen captures of the conversation we had and upload them. http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee323/rukia008/tweet01.png http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee323/rukia008/tweet02.png http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee323/rukia008/tweet03.png http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee323/rukia008/tweet04.png http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee323/rukia008/tweet05.png http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee323/rukia008/tweet06.png

SONG WITH YOU PV: I also worked with "takpin" on NND i drew one of the artworks for one of his vocaloid song that he made in 2011 it's really beautiful! It seemed that someone has uploaded it here on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csx6QnbpdQU

MR.LEES UNFINISHED PROJECT:Miura of NND asked for a little help in the animating it was a small thing so i agreed but if not most of the credit goes to Miura!He is actually still working on finishing it as one of the last messages i recall getting from him quite a long time ago.

JITENSHA AI PV:Currently Work in Progress for MJQ

Kenryuz - researcher

I Research for OTAnime Magazine

I started in 2010

I started working on the first issue of OTAnime Magazine Vol.1 and then the "coming soon"OTAnime website and now 2011 this OTAnime blog website! -Raizuki Lee

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